508 Alamo Rd, Alamo Springs Ranch,
June 7 & 8 starting at 6 pm each night

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About The Awakening Upon Kindness Gathering



Awakening Upon Events started in 2014 when a follower of Jesus in Alamo Springs Ranch in the Texas hill country  saw a vision of many people gathered together there on the hills praising and joyfully worshipping Jesus. A spiritual brother and neighbor independently had the same vision.  It was confirmed by 3 others. One called it The Awakening Upon. So we decided we would slow down, keep it very simple and dedicate a special day to the joy of loving  Jesus and sharing His love. Musicians came from the neighborhood and San Antonio and shared their music each year.  Food was enjoyed as well as getting to know each other. 

The first event was focused on Awakening Upon Love, the second Awakening Upon Joy, the third Upon Peace and the fourth Upon Patience.  This year we are focusing on Kindness – something that is in short supply sometimes. Our fast paced, cryptic communication through texting, and society’s increased disrespect for the individual and immunity to violence seems to be contributing to the decrease. But more than that, the source of Love that begets Kindness is not as known as it once was in our country. There’s a disconnection between Him and our souls and ourselves and consequently to each other. So hopefully, in the Texas hill country, we can relax and enjoy and laugh and worship together with kindness one to another.

We are just very imperfect people who have given our lives to Jesus and are forever grateful to Him for His Life in us. We don’t have any formal organization – just people coming together. We humbly invite you to join us.



Featuring Revelation Rising and Everyday People bands and other musicians  

F O O D!


We hope you can join us.  There is no charge. We accept donations for the musicians and food, but it is not necessary.

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Better yet, see us June 7 & 8 2019 starting at 6:00 pm each night!

Awakening Upon Kindness Gathering

508 Alamo Rd, Alamo Springs Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX 78624US

(210) 823-9217